Hive™ Automation Platform

The customizable Hive platform automates laboratory processes to match your workflow, storage and throughput requirements. Its simultaneous-access storage allows plates and consumables to be loaded and unloaded continuously during a run, eliminating deck resetting time.

Hive Robot™ Integrated Robotics

The Hive Robot's 4-axis design fully utilizes areas internal and external to the Hive workspace for space efficiency and easy third-party instrument integration. Its modular robot gripper is optimized for reliable labware handling.

BumbleBee™ Sample Handler

The BumbleBee's independent channels and plate translators enable simultaneous aspiration and dispensing. When integrated into the Hive, source and destination plates can be exchanged while pipetting for sustained transfer rates of 3 seconds/sample.


Affordable and versatile plate handling robot. The uniquely small footprint is not only productive but also approachable and simple to use.


The Nanodrop pipettor provides the ability to aspirate and dispense anywhere between 100nl to 1ml. Leverage individual control of channels to dispense different volumes to every well.

BNX1536™ Liquid Handling System

The BNX 1536 provides dispensing and washing without external vacuum pumps. Individual heads can dispense four fluids into a single microplate, and a separate aspiration head enables fast, efficient liquid removal for washing applications.

HiG™ Automated Centrifuge

The HiG is the only robot-accessible centrifuge capable of rapid acceleration up to 5000 x g, providing better pelletizing, cleaner supernatants and faster filtration. Applications that previously required unobtainable spin forces are now possible.

BeeSure™ Level Sensing System

The BeeSure system provides quality control by measuring level changes within a sample vessel after reagent addition or removal. It can be used for both liquids and solids in a wide variety of vessels.