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BumbleBee™ Sample Handler

  • Up to 8 independent sample handling channels for optimal throughput
  • 4 rotating plate movers minimizes sample transport times
  • Dynamic sample handling can continuously sustain sample transfer rates as low as 3 seconds per sample
  • Source and destination plates can be changed on the fly during pipetting
  • Customizable deck for tip shucking and washing, the addition of shakers, stirrers, magnetic bead adapters and other sample handling apparatus
  • Process microplates, tubes, vials and tip boxes simultaneously

Detail of pipette channels and sample locatorsThe BumbleBee (patent pending) is an innovative sample handler designed to excel at the most complex sample transfer applications. Primarily designed to be integrated with BioNex Solution’s Hive™ Automation Platform, the BumbleBee’s independent channels and rotating sample translators enable fast, simultaneous picking-from and placing-into any location on the sample deck.

The BumbleBee can be configured with one to eight independent channels and multiple rotating sample translators, depending on the level of throughput required. For example, transfer of liquid samples from a source plate to a destination plate, any well to any well, can be continuously sustained with transfer rates as low as 3 seconds/sample. Source and destination plates can be changed on the fly during pipetting. This facilitates unheard of performance in hit picking or cherry picking samples in plate based applications.

The BumbleBee is also capable of performing tube, vial and other sample format picking or reformatting.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully independent channel and plate movement for speed and flexibility in all dimensions
  • BioNex Synapsis software optimizes workflow for optimal throughput
  • Customizable deck for sample handling applications(shakers, stirrers, magnetic bead adapters)
  • Compatible with 96, 384, 1536 ANSI/SBS plates, tube racks and consumables
  • Adaptable to non ANSI formats

Liquid Handling

  • Volume range 0.5–700 µL with <5% CV, disposable tips
  • Disposable or fixed tips, tip shucking and washing
  • Exchange source and destination plates whilst pipetting
  • Failure tolerant, independent pipetting channels
  • Unique channel identification and cycle monitoring
  • Snap on and off (<60 seconds) pipet/syringe modules
  • Software adaptive error recovery