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BioNex vs. Traditional Automation

Do you have an automation bottleneck, requiring you to supercharge your productivity, and increase the reliability and flexibility of your automated system?

BioNex Solutions is revolutionizing laboratory automation in research and clinical laboratories by rethinking productivity, reliability, and flexibility. Our system designs focus on eliminating the "idle time" of each unit operation in the automation process, e.g., microplate handling, material transfer, or non contact volumetric measurements. We use an axis monitoring system to audit the system health to prevent future problems. Each system is easily customized with proven standard products to automate any application.

Example Workflow

Imagine a project in which 7,200 random samples in 96-well source plates (150 plates) need to be transferred to 75 destination plates. Using a traditional automation system, this requires a total of 5 batch runs taking over 5 hours each for a total of about 26 hours. Adding 20-30 minutes per run to load and unload the liquid handling deck increases the actual total process time closer to 28 hours.

Using the patent pending Hive™ automation platform, each sample transfer only requires 3 seconds and there is no deck resetting time — processed and new plates are exchanged during the run using simultaneous-accessible plate storage. Therefore, the total process time required for the Hive to transfer 7,200 samples is only 6 hours.

Traditional Automation

BioNex Solutions

Traditional vs. BioNex Solutions

A traditional automation platform requires 28 hours over 3 workdays to do what the Hive automation platform gets done in a single 6 hour day. This is real productivity from BioNex Solutions!